Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So..I'm kinda slowly getting this thing off the ground. But its still better than an outdated portfolio site.

I'm currently 'living' in Shanghai, China for 3+ weeks on assignment for Converse. They have a new office over here and I'm working with the team to get them up and running.

Overall an amazing experience so far. Few pics from the stay below...

Rise and shine!

City scenes

Old town.

Till next time...


Robbie said...

Bookmarked you blog, just in hope you most more photographs like these ones. Any chance of posting them full size? I love to keep these sorts of pictures, often use them as my wallpaper.

Dana Woulfe said...

Thanks! Glad you like the photos. I don't really like folks downloading/using my photos without permission which i why i have been posting them this way.

I will try to make them a little bigger in the future though.,,and figure out a way to let people view a gallery.