Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Took a short trip to Beijing over the weekend from my current home base of Shanghai. Saw all the standard sights ..Great Wall, Forbidden City, Olympic Stadium etc. but the trip was definitely highlighted by a visit to the 798 Arts area.

The area is an old factory complex on the outskirts of Beijing thats been converted into artist studios, galleries and cafes. I was kind of surprised to find this in a city like Beijing...the youth are standing up!

798 area

some of the sculptures outside of a studio.

the main gallery at 798. check the maoist slogans left on the ceiling from the old factory.

personal fav of mine. old AK-47 graffiti. seemingly protected (via fence) from anyone going over it. if you don't know about AK-47. read up. one of..if not 'the'.. first graff artist in Beijing.

still functioning factory tracks. something tells me kenji is gonna want this photo.

Coming home soon. Excited to get back and create some new work.

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