Thursday, May 21, 2009

Open Studios!

My first official 'open studios' is coming up in a couple weeks. I've always had a studio in my house...which was not part of any official open studios event. So this is exciting for me...

Kenji, Thom, Morgan and I will be opening our studio for ya'll Sunday June 7th. We'll have lots of great work on display, good people, better music and FREE BEER! Come by and say hello if you can. We are studio #209 at The Distillery.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Collabo door w/Kngee

Collabo door w/Kngee
Originally uploaded by Dana Woulfe
Here is our piece from the show...

Brooklyn Gone Hard

Was in New York a week ago to visit friends and check out the opening of 'The Great Out Doors', in which I had a collabo piece with Kenji.

The show was dope..lots of great work and a big turnout. Thanks to Luna Park, Billi Kid and ArtBreak Gallery for putting it on. 

Pics from the opening below...